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With a background in social media marketing, website design and website development, the team behind WebiFish had become fed up with how complacent many of the ‘big’ digital marketing companies had become.

WebiFish formed with an array of new and exciting ideas in mind and a list of core values to ensure that they had every chance of standing out from the rest.

Why is WebiFish different from others?

Even though WebiFish only formed in 2014, the team has brought with them decades of experience that they gained working with other similar companies.

After coming together to brainstorm dozens of interesting and exciting ideas, WebiFish formed with several clear goals in mind and ideas about how the company could reach them.

WebiFish is more than aware that there are a number of other companies working in this highly competitive field. However, many of them have failed to/are failing to adapt to a field that is always evolving due to design and development methods becoming obsolete and Google introducing new search engine algorithms.

In fact, as time passes, you may have noticed that online marketing, social media and technology are merging into one field. Therefore, having a company like WebiFish working alongside your business can take you to the next level as we can micro-manage your digital services.

Who is WebiFish?

Based in Windsor, WebiFish formed with just a few staff members. However, like with most situations it is quality and not quantity that makes the difference. Everyone who works under the WebiFish umbrella is passionate their job, and this really resonates in the quality of their work.

We have made sure that our company is a transparent as possible. Our pricing plans come with no hidden costs and our site content details everything there is to know about our company. Of course, if you have any further questions, you can always contact us using the contact us page.